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“Got an idea and want to start a side hustle or biz? Let's discover your purpose and passion and make you profitable!"

Hello Love! I’m Kristine Currier and I am an Entrepreneur, Inventor and Business Coach. I teach people how to start, build and grow the business of their dreams. I will teach you how to streamline, be efficient with your time, effective with your product and message, as well as, be profitable. I teach you what mistakes to avoid, provide you with a specific plan that is unique for your business and motivate you to take action consistently because ultimately the biggest joy for myself is to see your success! Boom! That puts me on cloud nine and that's why I love what I do!


For the past ten years, I’ve been on the roller coaster of juggling life as a mother, wife, entrepreneur, executive coach, business mentor, and even inventor! In 2009, I began the journey of successfully bringing a product to market that drastically improved the lives of pregnant women and those suffering from painful abdominal conditions.

My patented product, The Owie Pillow, gained national media attention on shows like Fox News and The Rikki Lake Show, and even earned recognition and awards from “Parent Tested, Parent Approved”. My experience in designing, patenting, marketing, and producing a physical product that not only succeeded past my expectations, but thrived in its market helped me realize that I had a whole new skill set and knowledge base that could help other women in an entirely new way. 

Following the success of The Owie Pillow, I began offering coaching services to fellow entrepreneurs who needed guidance, support, and direction while launching and growing their dream. I helped my clients not only develop solid marketing and business strategies, but also foster their creativity and desire to live a life of freedom and abundance...all while learning to find balance and be present for their families.

 I know first hand how challenging it is to be on this entrepreneurial journey alone, and I want you to know that the path to success doesn’t have to feel like a real-life episode of Survivor!

1:1 coaching

This is where we will work one-on-one together and map out a step-by-step customized strategy to build or expand the business you envision. This premium coaching package will include four private one-on-one coaching sessions and is specifically designed to help you achieve long-term success. Please fill out the form below so we can begin building your dream business. 

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group coaching

Together taking your business to the next level. Interested in attending my next event, please fill out the form below to receive further information.

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