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Welcome to my blog!This is where entrepreneurs and beauty lovers will find expert practical advice on building your business and the latest tips to keep you lookin' good and staying healthy.

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I just returned from the Kajabi Impact Summit held this past weekend in Irvine, CA and it was an amazing event! It was incredibly motivational, inspirational and what a power line up of speakers! Their stories, resources and the community of people at this event literally ignited my soul.

Let me share with you what I learned from this event so you too can start buzzing off the digital high and ignite your business and career!

The Powerhouse Speaker Line-Up

Rachel Hollis – Yes, the legendary author of Girl, Wash Your Face and her most recent book Girl, Stop Apologizing asked the audience, “If you only had three years left, what would you regret doing?” Immediately, I thought to myself “well, I would definitely re-focus and prioritize what’s important in my life and stop worrying about frivolous nonsense” — which in a nutshell means quit obsessing over the small things I can’t control and for the love of God ask for help! Personally, that is one of my hang-ups — not asking for help. I’m working on it and it is listed on my daily goal list “Ask for help even when I don’t want to.” I will keep you posted on my progress…baby steps.

Brendon Burchard – The World’s Leading High-Performance Coach came bouncing out on stage (literally this is his trademark move) to Macklemore’s and Ryan Lewis “Can’t Hold Us” and the crowd is jumping up and down uncontrollably, hands flying up in the air and the energy is through the roof! Brendon is one of the MOST positive people on the planet. This man wants everyone to succeed and not just a little bit, but beyond exponential proportions. “Change the world, not a post.” “Embody the dream and be responsible for it! Own it!” “Live intentionally and love more fully.” “Make your dream come true so you can make other’s dreams come true.” “Live. Love. Matter.”

Chalene Johnson – This phenomenal woman has so many titles, I can’t even list them all. She embodies the word Entrepreneur and is an expert in every single title she holds and if you don’t know this, let me be the first to inform you this woman can DANCE. When this “Queen” pops out on stage and is dancing to House of Pain “Jump Around” in high heels and drops it like it’s hot — she brings it to a whole other level. She lights up the crowd instantaneously and before you know it you are dancing around thinking “I totally have moves and I am killin it.” Not even close, but Chalene loves her people so much that you can’t help believe that you are her back-up dancer. Chalene, says without skipping a beat and of course not breathless in the slightest “You have a choice.” “You have a choice with your goals and what you want to succeed in and where you want to be with your family — how do you want to measure your success?” Is it easy making these decisions, no? But you do have the choice. She is a huge advocate of “make things smaller and messier.” She provided steps, tools, and resources that every entrepreneur in that room could and should implement. “Scared money don’t make money.” Invest in yourself and your business.

Amy Porterfield – Online Marketing Extraordinaire is an understatement. I feel like Amy is talking to me directly anytime I hear her speak. It doesn’t matter if she is on a podcast or in front of 800+ people on stage. Amy is so passionate and clear in her direction and processes that it resonates with me and her incredible following of students. “Crash and burns will catapult you into achieving those big, bold goals.” I have had my fair share of crashes and many burns and to her point enduring those experiences have only fueled the fire to achieve my dreams.

Jasmine Star – She is an IG Super Star! “Serve and show up for your people and they will show up for you.” “You got to work!” It was her birthday on the day that she spoke and talk about showing up for your people! She did it 10X over! Jasmine’s magnetic personality draws you in and you “get” why she is so relatable and has cracked the code with IG!

The line up of speakers was outstanding!! We also heard from James Wedmore, Brock Johnson, Neil Patel, Roland Frasier, Sean Cannell, Roger Love, Russ Henneberry and Casey Graham. They were fabulous!!

Do you want to know what every single person on this list shares in their jaw-dropping success? Kajabi. Kenny Rueter, CEO + Co-Founder, Jonathan Cronstedt (JCRON) President, and Kevin Richards, CMO put on one of the most phenomenal events for passionate and driven people like ourselves. Kajabi is a community of like-minded, goal-oriented and supportive people with a common thread of running an online business. I’m telling you now you won’t want to miss the 2020 Kajabi Summit or JCron’s Usher moves. Ask him about it when you attend next year’s event.

  1. Cheryl Howard

    April 11th, 2019 at 5:15 pm

    Great website Kristine! I’ve learned a lot just in the twenty minutes I’ve spent on it this morning.



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