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Welcome to my blog!This is where entrepreneurs and beauty lovers will find expert practical advice on building your business and the latest tips to keep you lookin' good and staying healthy.

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The Ultimate Guide To Lauching Your Business

Does the list ever end? Sometimes starting a new business or revamping an existing business you are positive you have all basis covered and are ready to launch!  However, as you are running the list over and over again in your head, you begin second-guessing yourself and then before you know it you have several […]


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The #1 Website You Need To Know To Grow And Scale Your Business

I just returned from the Kajabi Impact Summit held this past weekend in Irvine, CA and it was an amazing event! It was incredibly motivational, inspirational and what a power line up of speakers! Their stories, resources and the community of people at this event literally ignited my soul. Let me share with you what […]


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